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Volume 6, #1, June 2008 (HTML format)
  • SPI Lease on Village extended until new 2008 Gordon College Lease takes effect
  • Introducing: The Gordon College Institute for Public History
  • Back By Popular Demand: 17th century Style Dugout Reconstructed
  • Front Fence Being Rebuilt at Pioneer Village
  • New $16.30 Maritime Books Fundraiser Launched for Pioneer Village
  • SHARE and Dominion sponsor Earth Day Tree Cutting & Clean-Up at Village
  • Pioneer Village to Resume Regular Openings in 2008
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The Salem Preservationist
Volume 5, #2, October 2007 (HTML format)
  • Why We Dig: Stories from 1692 and Earlier Native American Times in Salem Village
The Salem Preservationist
Volume 5, #1, August 2007 (HTML format)
  • SPI Lease on Pioneer Village extended through May '08
  • Boy Scouts Make Multiple Commitments to Restore Pioneer Village
  • Old Bridges replaced with New Accessible Bridges at Pioneer Village
  • Salem in 1630: Pioneer Village Opened During 17th Century Saturdays
  • House of Seven Gables to host major Landmarks Celebration September 23, 2007
The Salem Preservationist
  • Roof Restoration Completed at Pioneer Village
  • SPI Re-Opened Pioneer Village for Fall Open Houses
  • Salem News Reports Pioneer Village "Shows Signs of Life"
  • Essex National Heritage Commission starts First Period Educational Initiative
  • John Goff publishes new "Preservation Perspective" column in Salem Gazette
  • 18 Crombie Street Restoration Completed
The Salem Preservationist
    Re-thatching Project begins at Salem 1630: Pioneer Village!
  • Funding Sought for Intern to Build Architectural Model
  • Pioneer Village Thatching Project Being Planned
  • The Village on the silver screen<
The Salem Preservationist
  • CDBG grant for Improvements at Salem 1630: Pioneer Village>
  • Second Movie Filmed at Salem 1630: Pioneer Village
  • Massachusetts Charter: a First Period Crisis of Royal Proportions
  • Where did the Puritans Go? Tours Offered of Boston's First Period Sites
  • The Witch House's History is even Richer than Previously Thought!
  • 48 Hour Movie Filmed at Pioneer Village
  • Globally talented historical Muralist arrives in Salem
The Salem Preservationist
  • Arbella Days Declared in June!
  • SPI showcases Pioneer Village at Salem's Maritime Festival in July
  • Arbella 375th:
    a 17th century sail aboard the Kalmar Nyckel
  • SPI Opens Pioneer Village for 4th annual Trails and Sails in September 2005; 250 Visitors Arrive from US, England, Germany and Russia!
  • Remembering Past Salem Preservationists:
    Clara Endicott Sears
  • Historic 1852 Fowler Street Primary School Discovered in Salem
  • "In A Town Called Winslor"
    Filmed at Pioneer Village, 2005
The Salem Preservationist
  • October Marks Archaeology Month in Massachusetts!
  • 2005 Marks Bicentennial of Augustus Hemenway's Birth in Salem
  • Hemenway Relics Now at Harvard University Were Curated in Salem
  • Ancient Indian Items Returned to Salem
The Salem Preservationist
  • Special Issue relating to First Period Sites:
    The Balch House
      America's Oldest Wood Framed House?
The Salem Preservationist
  • 2005 Marks a Time to Commorate 375th Anniversary of ARBELLA fleet's Arrival to Salem in 1630
  • Witch House Seeks National Historic Landmark Status
  • Maritime Service Honored: Salem Maritime NHS Superintendent Steve Kesselman Retires
  • Samuel McIntire's Hamilton Hall Turns 200!
  • SPI discovers rare Batchelder views of Forest River Park site and Pioneer Village
  • Samantha Casts New Spell on Salem
  • SPI Participates in Annual Operation Clean Sweeps in Salem Spring Cleaning at Pioneer Village
The Salem Preservationist
  • SPI awarded City contract to Restore, Repair and Manage Pioneer Village
  • Pioneer Village Listed as Salem Most Endangered Property for 2003
  • SPI Commences Historic Structure Report and Restoration Plan of Pioneer Village
  • Marblehead Maritime Warehouse... SAVED
  • 18 Crombie Street to be Restored
  • 6 Federal Court Carriage House Future in Question
  • SPI President John Goff speaks about Salem
  • Preservationist Mary Hemenway
  • Historical Plants and Gardens at Salem's 1630 Pioneer Village
  • St. Joseph Hall Restoration
  • The Custom House Eagle
The Salem Preservationist
  • SPI recognized Founding Members
  • Hawthorne Historic Preservation Award
  • The Salem News looks at 18 Crombie Street
  • Nathaniel Bowditch House restored
  • Marblehead Maritime Warhouse SAVED
  • First Naumkeag and Salem First Families Initiative
  • New Biography of Gov. John Winthrop
  • Boston Churches Celebrate Gov. Winthrop's Legacy
  • SPI Crafing new Winthrop Regional Heritage Tour
  • 375th Anniversary of Gov. John Endicott's Arrival
  • A New Look at Salem's Native American Heritage
The Salem Preservationist
  • Salem Preservation, Inc. files papers
  • Boston Street Urban Gateways Project
  • Salem City Hall Celebrates Restoration
  • Salem Witch House Discovery
  • Naumkeag & Salem First Families Initiative
  • Salem: Place, Myth & Mystery
  • NPS Proposes Rescue of Marblehead Warehouse
  • ENHC Holds 6th Annual Community Forum
The Salem Preservationist
  • Roger Conant Statue Restoration
  • HSI Director Resigns
  • Salem City Hall Restoration
  • Benson Enthusiasts Bring Hope
  • Future in Question for St. Mary's Catholic Church
  • FAME to set sail in Salem
  • New Future for Salem's First Baptist Church
  • Danvers Preservation Inc. up and running
  • Public tours of Kirkbride
  • Friends of Tucker's Wharf
The Salem Preservationist

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